Assistant Professor of Behavioural Science

Warwick Business School

The University of Warwick

Research Interests

Applied Economics, Human Well-being, Field Experiments

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Journal Articles

The Colour of a Free Ride

(with Paul Frijters)

Economic Journal, Vol. 131(634), February 2021, pp. 970-999.

Indirect Reciprocity and Prosocial Behaviour: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment

(with Andreas Leibbrandt)

Economic Journal, Vol. 128(611), June 2018, pp. 1683-99.

Is Envy Harmful to a Society’s Psychological Health and Well-being? A Longitudinal Study of 18,000 Adults

(with Andrew Oswald)
Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 198, February 2018, pp. 103-111.

Evolution of Well-being and Happiness after Increases in Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables

(with Andrew Oswald)
American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 106(8), August 2016, pp. 1504-10.

Does eating fruit and vegetables also reduce the longitudinal risk of depression and anxiety? A commentary on ‘Lettuce be happy’

(with Andrew Oswald)
Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 222, February 2019, pp. 346-48.

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Conspicuous Consumption, Conspicuous Health, and Optimal Taxation

(with Paul Frijters)

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 111, March 2015, pp. 59-70. 

Economic Choices and Status: Measuring Preferences for Income Rank

(with Paul Frijters)

Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 65, January 2013, pp. 47-73.